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Sunday, April 26

Sweat Is Good

Actually I had decided to skip gym on Friday night but since babe nagged me to go as she is coming too with a friend. So I coaxed MD to join me for RPM class and he drag QQ to join us too. So at the end, MD, QQ and me joined Joe's RPM that night. It was a full house class as May TT with Joe with Isiah joining the class too. So there is actually 4 instructors in the RPM class that night. I heard that May's RPM is good and what I heard is true. She can really motivate the crowd to push more.

Skipped Body Step to accompany MD as he's not joining class and babe just arrived. Decided to join Chris W's Yoga class that night. Out of curiosity that is. I am not sure it's the heat or it's the class itself, but I sweat like a dog under the hot sun. I was basically soaked in my own sweat during half of the class. It was a good stretch class. Continued with K-Bear's Combat class later on, with Ann joining us that night. Jackson is TT'ing with K-Bear that night. A bit havoc during track 2 or 3 is it? Totally forgot, maybe both. I think he need to get his music memorized or just the chore itself. Can't comment that much as he's still new in combat. Maybe more TT classes and he will get better. Didn't had any minum session that night as I need to call it a night early for Saturday morning trip down Kiasu-Land :P

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