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Sunday, May 17

Coco's First Visit To The Vet

Coco had been shedding off fur from some part of his body for some time now. Babe and me had wanted to send him to the vet but we didn't have time during the weekends. And by Sunday, the vets are all close. But we found out that there were one at Atria which open half day on Sunday. But when we arrived today, it was close. Called the doctor and he told me that he's not opening today and I asked him to recommend me another vet. He was so nice to recommend me to another vet which is just opposite my house at Taman Megah.

When we arrived, there were two owners with their dogs waiting to see the doctor. One with a Boxer and another with his miniature Schnauzer. Coco was all intimidated when he entered the clinic as there were already two dogs in there. Registered him and waited for our turn. Another owner came in with a Dachshund. Finally it was our turn and I carry Coco into the room. We weigh him and later placed him on the operation table. The doctor examine his body and took some sample and look under the microscope. It's a fur mite problem. Coco is feeling itchy and hence licking himself all the day and fur is shed by it. So to stop the shedding, we need to cure his itchiness. Coco got a jab and recommended to get a body spray to be applied on his body to reduce the itching. The jab, spray and consultation cost us RM150. Costly? Well what can we do? Coco is our pet and it's our responsibility to take care of our pet : ) Hopefully he be fine soon.

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