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Friday, May 22

Krabi Trip Day 1

Our flight was 12.30pm and we arrived Krabi around 2.30pm (Thailand time). We got on the bus which was included on our trip itinerary.

First stop, Tiger Cave. Well legend has it that tigers roams this caves or mountain and when the monk came, the tigers went away. And now, the place is being invaded by wild monkeys.

I realized that they have Kwan Yin in this temple too. Very nice building.

We were treated with one of the local specialty, Duck Noodle. They breed the duck themselves over there. I can see the group of ducks swimming in the ponds and all, so nice but I can't say the same of the noodle though. LOL!

Went to Krabi town to have a short shopping and look around. Wasn't as bad as I though. There is only one shopping mall over there. Something like my hometown I think.

Then we arrived at this semi government subsidized marine project. Not sure this is what I wanna see as I can see this stuff at Shah Alam too.

Anyway, it's part of the itinerary. And we went back to the hotel and checking in. The hotel room was so damn nice and comfortable. Especially like the face towel which they folded to look like an elephant. There is even a outdoor garden in each of our room. Service was great and it's located at the city center. Nice. By the way, the name of the hotel is La Playa.

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