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Tuesday, May 12

How Well Do You Know Me?

It was close to midnight and I was curious with one of the (HOT??) application in FB. It's called, 'How Well Do You Know (your name) and in this case my name. I was first asked to play this game by K-Bear. I think I scored not bad at all too. Anyway back to my story. I was fiddling through the application and thinking of what type of questions to ask. After getting to the 6th question, I suddenly felt that the questions was a bit too bias. Well bias as in more towards my friend in FF. Who else could have know how many classes I had in one week, right?? So I had decided to delete the questions and forget about it. Then today I saw someone answered my questions and their scores. So I went in and saw a few of my friends had tried out the questions. TTB was the first (I heard) to start the ball rolling. Thanx babe.

Surprisingly LP got the highest scores. TTB, BQ, CP and K-Bear scored the same scores. Bit disappointing for the latter. LOL! What surprise me more, was that one of my friend who doesn't join FF scored a higher marks on the test compared to my gym-mates. I think most of the people got the "What Is My Favourite Food" wrong. Yes, I post a lot of Char Siew on my blog but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's my favourite food. I eat rice everyday, so does that mean it's my favourite food? It's a normal test but it's sometimes funny knowning how much people know about you or you thought they know about you.

3 Octopus:

md said...

" Bit disappointing for the latter. LOL! "

these are not your TRUE friends!!

lolz x 100

Anonymous said...


BaBy OcTopUs said...

MD: That is true. And I scored almost full marks on her test. Very disappointed. LOL!!!

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