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Monday, May 11

Good Friendly Service

After meeting this morning I was preparing all the documents necessary for my EPF withdrawal. Making sure that I have all the documents ready and also making copies of the S&P and Loan Agreements. Boss decided to treat us for lunch at Esquire Kitchen inside Tropicana City. Sweet~!

After lunch, settled all my paper work and off I go to EPF centre located at Jalan Gasing. I am so lucky that the office is near to mine. There were especially more people there today. Got my number and there were 17 people in front of me. I thought that this is gonna be a long day for me but the number was running faster than I expected. I think within 15 minutes, it was already my turn. It was a Malay chap which attended to me. I expect a serious no nonsense type of officer but hell I was wrong. He greeted me with a warm smile and ask me to take a seat while attending to my enquiry. While going through my documents checking on the particulars and all, he was so nice to make conversation with me making time pass really fast. Before I know it, I was signing the documents and I it was settled. After today, I am starting to have some faith or positive impression of our government servant's services. Now I just need to wait 2 -3 weeks before the money is transferred to my account. Yes~!

Barely make it for Riyo's step class as most of the spot had been booked. So I had to stand right beside of the stage with my board place vertical to it. Damn it was confusing at the beginning. Stephany was replacing for Herny tonight. I just saw the name Steph on the board and was still thinking if it was the same Stephany I know. As I was adjusting my bike she walk in and was telling me something from last Wednesday class. Damn I hate the bike at TC. Another default bike but luckily I still managed to swap to the one next to it. So I was right in front of the stage facing her. This is not good. Tracks was really tough and I was really pushing myself tonight as I know I am not doing pump later. Was totally covered in my own sweat at the end of the class. BQ was here tonight to join combat. I think Malaysian Idol almost had another 'episode' during Track 8. LOL! Oh I am so BAD!! And what do you know, Sifu was here tonight with The Dark One.
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