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Thursday, May 28

It's So Heavy

It's been weeks since I last joined Body Pump class and tonight I had decided to give it a try. I had practically stop doing it since K-Bear stop teaching it few weeks back. We had lunch this afternoon and her injury is getting better now. We were talking bout some of the classes and all and did touch on the issue of not doing pump for some time and our muscle will retract very fast. So I had decided to join Cindy's class tonight. Surprisingly I didn't struggle much on the squats even though we're doing 'Voodoo Child' and I am carrying back my old 15kgs.

But upper body was hell. During chest we did 'Summer Rain', my left elbow was giving me some sharp pain. But still managed to finished the whole song with 10kgs. Clean & press was short but still I think my arms were a bit weak so I was a bit fatigue during the end. Luckily there wasn't any biceps and triceps during her class. Shoulder was a killer. We did 'I Like The Way We Move' which was so hard for me this time around. Maybe my upper body really lacks training now since I had stop pump. But my lower body is still strong as I did a lot of RPM. So the morale of the story is, don't stop doing Body Pump for more than a week or you're gonna suffer when you're going back to the class.

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