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Wednesday, May 27

TVB Addict

Well I had been a TVB drama addict this few weeks. Since I had finished off Supernatural and Heroes both season 4, so I thought to catch back on some Eastern dramas as I am a bit out dated by now. So I borrowed 2 dramas from BQ and managed to finished it in less than 2 weeks. Astonishing I know, considering I am going to gym almost each and everyday and will only reach home close to midnight. My best record would be staying home last weekend to finish almost 10 over episodes in one day. And I can still make it for a friend's birthday dinner and catch a movie at the cinema in between. No I don't fast forward or skip some scenes while watching the dramas. Anyway, BQ just passed two more dramas to me last Tuesday and I had finished off one of them. Will be continue on my second dramas hopefully by tonight and finish it off by this weekend.

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