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Saturday, May 23

Krabi Trip Day 3

Started off the third day with some massage session after breakfast. We had a Thai massage by the hotel side yesterday after our island trip. Now we decided to try some massage parlor nearby our hotel. So at the end we decided to give this place a try. As the price and the ambiance was really attractive.

After a long massage we were all hungry and I had suggested to try out their McDonald's as they offer pork in their menu. The prices for their value over there is more expensive than Malaysia. But they are having a promotion right now, for buying a value meal we are entitle to get another cheese burger for free. Good deal.

This is the Grilled Beef Burger which was on promo that day. Actually it's something like our prosperity burger minus the black pepper.

This is the FOC Pork Cheese Burger which I had. What's the different? Meat a bit softer compared to the beef we normally have. Nothing much special bout it. Just an experience and having to be able to say that I had no-halal burger at McDonalds. LOL!

We had a long walk from Ao Nang street back to our hotel and going from one shop to another buying stuff and souvenirs. It was totally a hot sunny day that day. That is why no one goes around walking along the street during noon as it was so damn hot.

There is a lot of food stalls along the street which we can choose from. This particular stall sells some chicken on a stick which similar to Malaysia. Did I tried any road side food during this trip? Well just once actually. Not that into their food maybe.

4 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

FINALLY.. u have changed ur sling bag. LOL~!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya lor, kena force by someone to change it before I left. But surprisingly the bag was so convenient. hehe!

Find Bangkok Hotels said...

Very Good story i have read and thank you for your useful post.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

No problem :)

It's nice to hear that what I wrote benefits others in the process :)

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