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Sunday, May 3

Penang Makan-Venture Day #2

Early morning on the second day of our Makan-Venture up North, CP had recommended this place along Jalan Jelutong. It's famous for their Curry Noodle? Well, after tasting it, it wasn't that half bad either. I think most of us had ordered the curry noodle from the same stall that morning.

I found out from this trip that, MD's girlfriend had this obsession with one of the local food, Apong. Well unconsciously, I had too a bit addicted on this snack too. After the whole expedition, we had concluded that the Apong seller from Jalan Jelutong here sells one of the best Apong in town.
After taking our breakfast cum lunch, we had decided to try our luck going up Bukit Bendera. But it was totally pack that morning. It was 2pm when we arrived but the next train up was 5pm. So we just took some picture and left for Kek Lok Si Temple after that.

It was about 3pm when we reach Kek Lok Si Temple. Damn it was so hot that afternoon. After 1 hour of venturing in this sacred temple and climbing to the top of the pagoda it was time to go to our next makan spot. But FP's steering lock got jammed. Long story short, I smashed open the lock and we're off to our next location.

Next stop, we drove over Lorong Eng Kwee. Actually it's this place in the alley off the main road. Why is all this nice places, located along the alley? Was informed by MD that they served good Char Kuey Teow, so I had ordered it even though the stall told me that there is a long queue before mine. It was totally over rated. Ordered their Cendol and also Lobak too. After a long day we decided to go back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

We came out after a short rest and drive over Macalister Road for some real local food. It was sad that the weather was a bit wet when we arrived. Scout around the place and decided to order Char Kuey Teow AGAIN. I think it's my 4th plate since the whole trip. There were a lot of food which we all ordered and share during this round of makan-venture. After dinner, half of the people travel over Gurney Drive to buy some Rojak while the rest got back to the hotel waiting for 2nd round. It was raining most of the day so the weather was not that hot.

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