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Sunday, May 3

Penang Makan-Venture Day #3

The third and final day of our makan-venture. Oh, how time flies. And I was just getting started with the food over here. LOL!! After some confusion of the place to have breakfast this morning, we decided to go with BQ's suggestion. Not really sure where the place is located exactly. It was actually a place where the sisters usually took their breakfast while visiting their grandparents. Curry Noodle was one of the reason why we travel over but it was so good that it was totally sold off when we arrived. So I had ordered their Wan Ton Noodle but surprisingly it was really good.

After the breakfast we drove around town looking for biscuits to buy as gifts for families and friends. But most of the places didn't have any stock available for walk in as we need to pre-book for the biscuits. Yes, business was really that good. After getting all our biscuits, we started our journey back to PJ. There were a lot of cars along the way. Managed to arrived around 5pm and we decided to have early dinner together before bidding farewell. Totally love this makan-venture. I am going down SOUTH next week for work and hopefully I can find something good to eat while I am there.

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