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Thursday, June 25

AS Mode (for those who know)

This two days have been hell for me. It's all started from two of my customers who had been creating so much fuss for me. Yes they are giving me some big sales but still it's such a head ache for all of us. Everyone wanted to be fast. But they didn't know that we do not work like China Man company style. We need proper documentations and so on. It's so chaotic and problematic to the extent that I am so tired even trying to explain or write about it in here. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am so tired and exhausted from work and life too.

Those from gym would know that I am planning for a trip to Taiwan at the end of the year. Well for some reason I had decided to call it off at the last minute. Sorry again to those who invited me of the trip and showing me the itinerary and all. Hope that you have fun over there at the end of the year. Was supposed to watch Transformers II on Wednesday night after gym with babe. I think that was the highlight of my whole week. But had to canceled it off again at the last minute. Babe was tired so we decided not to watch it that night. So decided to watch it this weekend. No, I am not heart broken of the RM20 I paid for the tickets. No worries.

At least in gym I can really sweat off and try to put away my problems for the time being. RPM is a really good class for me to sweat it off. As I am riding alone and I don't really care what the others are doing. Maybe TTB is right, when we need time to be alone during the AS mood, RPM is the best remedy. Sorry again to my readers for such a long story of me sulking or whining in here. Maybe this weekend will cheer me up after watching Transformers II in Gold Class. But I know tomorrow and Saturday will be a very busy day for me again and my phone will kept on ringing the whole day. This is the life of a sales man. LOL!!!

4 Octopus:

Swee said...

hang in there... Weekend is not that far...;)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

thanx babe. but I know it's a long weekend for me.

Aleximon 2.0 said...

life always got up and down. take it easy. for yout info, gold class's ticket all habis jual.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Is it? But I just wanna watch afternoon not night wor. Will walk in and try my luck anyway. Thanx :)

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