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Tuesday, June 23

Tropicana Mall New GSC Cinema

Was walking to lunch with my colleagues today and my boss decided to walk around Tropicana Mall as it was just the three of us. We found out that there are a lot of shops had already started their operation. Comparing to two months back, now is better. Although the mall is not as large as 1U or Pyramid but it still a quite decent family mall. On the way looking for a place to eat I noticed that the new GSC cinema was officially launch today. Supposedly it had already operation for a few days maybe but it's official lauch was today. We had lunch at Otak Otak place. Damn filling lunch as we ordered 4 pax set for 3 people and additional food too. Boss treat, so wallet didn't got burnt. While walking back I decided to drop by the cinema to have a look and there wasn't much people around anymore. So I decided to walked over to the counter and ask if there's any tickets left for Transformers tonight. There are some spaces left but the cinema was a small one. So I decided to get the tickets for tomorrow's show which is showing in the biggest hall. Yes! Transformers, here I come.

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