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Thursday, June 18

Baby Step'er

I am getting a bit worried after joining Body Pump class tonight. Reason is that, my squats are getting weaker. Not sure why. But I am a bit tired during the new squat track which supposed to be an easy track which we need to load up. Well maybe I am getting old for Body Pump nowadays since I am cutting down on so much of the classes. Joined RPM class after Cindy's pump class with the rest of the gang. Damn~! It was a full house class. QQ, you go girl~! I am so into RPM nowadays. My spin is getting faster (well too fast) and now I need to slow it down to follow the beat and tempo. Just found out that we need to follow the beat even during aero race. LOL!!

Continued with Body Combat class alone since the other wasn't interested or some too tired to join. Make it till Muay Tai and decided to come out since it's a bit boring towards the end. Had a chat down stairs to catch my breath before heading back up for Steven's step class. Tonight, it was a single board step class. Managed to 'coaxed' BQ to join the class with me, FP and QQ. Although it's a single board class, but the moves are a bit more complicated although I heard that tonight's chore was very basic and slow. Anyway, I was a bit lost as members in front of me are doing their own moves and all. Should stand in the middle with the view of the instructor as I was block half way and couldn't really saw the leg work and all. But I think I am getting there, or somewhere 'there'. Next week, two boards with partners. I can imagine the havoc in my head now. :Þ

4 Octopus:

Boon said...

so fast already blog edi. HAHAHA! Eh, not very basic tonite. Quite a lot of turn here and there. You are getting there. LOL!. Stand nearer to me. You'll see better. Well done!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya, I blog almost every day after gym. Hehehe!! Not basic? Cause I heard from some one that it's quite basic??!! Anyway, it was a good work out.

Found out that I sweat more when I am not sure what I am doing in the class. LOL!!!

Aleximon 2.0 said...

a bit scare to enter "basic" step, and my leg so tired after RPM. 1 board not means that is easy...I will still lost.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

we are baby step'er mar .. one step at a time .. sure can get it right :) eventually~! hehe!

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