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Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday RPM Challenge Night~!

It's Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing, RPM Challenge. Yup, as always I try to make it for Lilian's RPM Challenge. Reached Uptown and it was so hard to find parking tonight but at the end found one which is not far from Uptown 2. Walked up and saw KNSQ and QQ. MD arrived later on as he can't find a parking. Anyway, the class was surprisingly not full tonight. There were 5 more bikes when the class starts. QQ was team teaching with Lilian tonight.

This is my third attempt of the new RPM and 1st of the challenge after the release. So I know what to expect from especially Track 5. Was pulling back a bit on the resistance during Track 5 and managed to finished off the whole 9 tracks at the end and still managed to walk out the door standing tall. Definitely my speed work is getting better and I think I just more work on the tempo or beat of the music which I think is so hard to achieve. Anyway, it's just a challenge I gave to myself once in a while to get the motivation going. Tomorrow is another RPM class at Consplant with Cindy's Body Pump class and finishing up with Steven's Step class with possibility of Loh's Body Combat class in between depending on the gang. : )

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