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Saturday, June 27

Friday Night Dinner

It's Friday night and initially was to do the Endurance RPM at Axis with certain some one. But at the end both of us had last minute appointment and had to call it off. Me being the gang (mostly SOS) wanted to have dinner rather than gym. But MD and me decided to attend at least one class of RPM before taking dinner. So we did Joe's RPM and babe decided to join in tonight. 3 of us finish the class and waited for the others to arrive. FP arrived after the class and then SOS. All bath and finally we decided to have dinner at Mentari. I wanted to have something which we can sit for a long time after finishing our dinner. So we went for the new Steamboat Buffet next to LDP. But it was so darn full, noisy, stuffy and crowded. So we changed to the one next to Bellygood. It was nice and simple. We had lots of food and a long talk and lots of laughter which follows. It's nice having dinner with the gang once in a while and not just doing gym and supper afterwards.

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