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Sunday, June 21

Starving The Whole Day

So how was my Sunday? Well let's see. Stayed home whole day so didn't have any breakfast or lunch as we're keeping our stomach for dinner time. What's so special bout dinner? For those who know Chinese, you'd already know from the picture above. For those who don't (like me) it's written Famous Beggar's Chicken. Yup, I had dinner at Banting's Famous Beggar's Chicken with babe's family. Long drive toward Bukit Jugra but it was quite worth the drive as the food was alright and it was my first.

We had 10 dishes of food tonight. Didn't even have any space to fill the spicy crab at the end. Yes it was that much. It was for babe's grandfather's Father Day dinner. So there were a lot of relatives and kids around. Well more than 20 people I guess. So you can imagine the noise and havoc from the kids. Yup, from the picture above, you can roughly guess that it means that the place didn't have any telco reception. Yup, it was that 'ulu'. Finished around 8pm and reach Bukit Tinggi around 9pm and reach PJ at 9.30pm. Totally worth the long journey. Return for a second? Really need to reconsider it seriously.

3 Octopus:

TTB said...

I have been bad in reading blogs lately. Came in here after a long time and notice that the TeaRoom blog is very visible!! :):):) thanks... I like your new food blog... but erm... u suppose you will have labels later to sort out like, chinese (char siew etc :p), italian etc... so we can use that as the complete food directory? :P:P. too demanding? hehe...

TTB said...

Okay, i'm placing a 2nd comment but simply becuz i forgot to check the email follow up comments box :p

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Hi dear, nice hearing from you in here :)

Will definitely put your comments into thoughts. I had previously thought of that when I am tagging the post (i.e Chinese, Western or Malay style etc etc) but still in the process of adding it.

So with your valuable comments now, I will surely do that now :)


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