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Monday, June 22

Monday @ Consplant?

Received a message from BQ early in the morning asking me to go Consplant tonight. After long persuasion, I agreed as she told me Riyo's not teaching tonight and the classes at Consplant were interesting and back to back classes are possible. So when I arrived, a few of the members were startle to see me here tonight. Yes, it was my first time (I think) at Consplant doing class. First class was Brian's Body Step class. It was either that or Eugene's Body Combat class. At the end decided to go with Brian's class. It was a small 7 people class but I was hyped tonight (maybe from the caffeine intake I took earlier). After that I continued with Brian's RPM class. This was the first time I had join his class. It was a full house class minus one bike. Class was a bit quiet but I did shout a lot to bring the crowd and so did Brian. It was an intense class but I didn't give my 100%, maybe 80% as I am doing Body Pump after the class. Too many legs work in a day will definitely kills me.

Continued with Steven's Body Pump class. I think it was like 2 years ago when I last joined his class. BQ, LP and CP was there tonight too. Class was alright with Steven's motivating the members and all. I decreased my Squats weight to 10kgs tonight. Worried that my moves will be effected by the weight and the strains from the classes beforehand. I think this is the first time I had a clear ques of the chest track. Increased my weights for the back track as it's a short and no brainer song. Close both eyes also can do. LOL!! I had a cramp on my upper thigh during the abs track where we were doing the new move. This is the second time this had happened. Maybe it's due to the many leg works I did tonight. Anyway, managed to finished off the class with a sweaty face and body all around. Satisfaction~! Was informed that there will be a 2 hour RPM Endurance class at Axis this coming Friday. And 'someone' did asked me to join. So will definitely give it a thought.

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