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Tuesday, July 7

All In A Day's Work

Woke up as early as 4.30am this morning. I slept around 10.30pm but it's so hard for me to fall asleep. I think I felt asleep only after midnight or so. Reason was I need to be at Iskandar before 9am. Started my journey at 5am after picking up my boss. Reached Iskandar City around 8.30am. After the whole CIIM arrived we were taken into the meeting room to be given some introduction of the much hyped Nusajaya and Kota Iskandar. IIB brought us all for a site visit on future developments and continued with lunch at the new gold golf.

Meet up with the CM and his staffs from the Johor Corporation. Another long presentation of what Johor had to offer and also existing Pasir Gudang and Tg. Langsat. I think by now I am so familiar with Johor's population and how much GDP they have each year. Rushed over to another meeting with the Chief Office of both MITI and MIDA. Although it's a lengthy presentation again but we were given refreshment and I think one of the best of the day. By then it's already 6pm. Quickly bid farewell to the members of CIIM and the staff of MITI & MIDA for their wonderful food. Reached PJ before 9pm. Head is so damn heavy right now. Too much coffee I think. Early rest again tonight as I got another early appointment again tomorrow. Now tell me again, am I very free right now to you? haha!!!

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