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Wednesday, July 1


As usual I was early for Wednesday night RPM class at Uptown. The amount of members in the class always fluctuates from week after week. It can be a full pack class one week and there will be 4 to 5 bikes left the next week. So it is really hard to predict when is when. So the story goes like this. We're supposed to be only able to sign up after 6.10pm (which is 20mins before the class starts). But then I saw some members walk over and talk with the front desk and I got a feeling that she got signed in before the time is due. So MD and me walk over and ask if we could sign in too. The front desk said that we need to wait till 6.10pm. But we said that someone else already signed in right? as we point to the form with the names on it. And guess what reply that she gave us? Cause these people are joining BB class (which is a class earlier than RPM). I was like WTH???

The need of singing in a class is to restrict members from joining to many back to back classes, as I understood. And she was telling me that these members were allowed to signed in before time cause they have no time to do so as they are joining a class earlier. This is so unbelievable. But that is not the main issue here. As I point to the girl who just sign in (which is standing at the pantry sipping her drink). NO, she is not doing any BB class. I think the front desk understand what we mean and she know that she got caught red handed. And what is the logical thing to do right now? She placed the list in front of us and ask us which bike do we want. We were stunned. And what will a true Malaysian do? "Bike No. 13 & 14" (while pointing to our usual bike). LOL!!! Ya, I know we're a bit cheapskate. But we got what we want, right?

So how was the class? Damn it was so darn hard. Extra harder than usual. As this is a challenge class we have two extra tracks from 3 and 6. We did some old time favourite tracks like True Believer, California Dreaming, Gangsta's Paradise, Zombie and Cry For You to name a few. I was like dying in between California Dreaming and Gangsta's Paradise and when we all heard Zombie, the whole class went crazy. Vincent was team teaching with Lilian tonight with the latter doing the first 5 tracks. Sweat a lot tonight and my legs were really sore after the class. So most probably be skipping Cindy's Body Pump class tomorrow. Had supper tonight after the class with the fellas. What a night, what a ride.

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What to do, we're being a TRUE BELIEVER!!! LOL!!

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