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Thursday, July 2

What The???

I was looking for a parking when I arrived at Consplant this evening. It was around 5pm when I arrived. Thought of joining Cindy's Body Pump class since I was able to make it early today. Finally found a spot right in front (my usual spot) but I was parking parallel to the road and not side ways. Got down and decided to go back again to check on my parking is it too out to the road?? Then I noticed that my front tire was a bit flat but this is normal as the road sometimes do some tricks to our eyes. Then I realized that my rear tire was even flatter. This is not normal. So I walked over and press on it. Damn it was out of air but not totally. So I quickly got back to my car and drove to the nearest petrol station which is the one next to McD.

Quickly filled in the air and it was almost flat when I arrived. After filling it I drove over to a nearby tire shop and asked them to check for me. After some checking (visually) and using soap (bubble test) they still can't find it. I suspect it's the white stone like object on the tire but the guy assured me it was just a stone. So he submerged the whole tire into the water and found that there a lot of bubbles coming out from one point. Yes, it was coming out from that white stone look a like thingy. He plied it out and was very amazed with the object. It was actually an animal tooth. Maybe a dog considering the size. Damn~ a tooth can puncture my tire. Luckily I managed to find out bout the flat tire earlier or else it would be too late when I drove home later after class and not noticing it as it would be very late by then. And will only notice bout it the next morning which would be very late by than and damaging my tire.

Wow~ long story. So what is the morale of the whole story? Always look out for your cars when even you're coming down or going in. You will never know what you will find or discover. It may even save your life.

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