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Sunday, July 19

Day Out With Friend & Home Alone

It's nice going out with friend during the weekend once in a while. Since babe need to attend her friend's wedding and she's the bride's maid so we won't be meeting up this weekend. So I called up my usual suspect of friend to have a day off. Started with our usual morning dim sum session but this time around I had suggested to have a try at Jin Xuan. It was a long queue but we only waited for 5 minutes. We started our shopping from Low Yat but didn't found anything interesting to buy. So we head towards Sg. Wang and Lot 10. Managed to get some food for myself as Isetan was having a clearance on their Japanese food. Walked to Pavilion to have some coffee at Austin Chase.

Since Malaysia Sales was going on, there were a lot of people in all the department stores. But didn't found anything to buy or anything to buy YET. Saw some shirts from G2000 but decided to buy it later with babe. Headed back to Sg. Wang and have another long walk before decided to have dinner at Soong Kee. After a delicious and fulfilling dinner we headed to Petaling Street for a walk. There were a lot of stuff to see but I wasn't that excited this time around. Well maybe cause I was here not too long ago with babe.

After a long walk, we decided to called it a day and headed back home. Bath and put on a good movie to watch, Watchmen. It's a 3 hour long movie. Had the BluRay Director's version which I downloaded. Heard a lot of mix review of the movie and decided to watch it and decide on my own. It was a dark story told upon superheroes in a realistic world. It tells the real life of what superheroes faces after they retired and not needed anymore by the society. Action, Sex, Violent and Good Scripts had me stick to the LCD whole night. It's not a movie for everyone but for those who like to stop and think of each scene and what the ending would be. An unexpected ending I would say. Not many movies nowadays that can surprise me anymore and this is one of them.

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