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Friday, July 24

That Is A Big Figure??!!!

It was just me alone doing RPM tonight as MD wasn't able to make it. So how was the class? Well checked my BPM during Track 2 and 3 but it wasn't that high compared to my previous classes. I can feel that my hear beat wasn't that fast too. But at the end of the class I still burned as much as I normally do. Well that is the main objective I guess. Since MD wasn't here tonight, I quickly ran to the studio next door to joined Body Step class. Class wasn't that pack and the resistance wasn't that high too. Well I guess I can't complain much as I should know what to expect by now. Catch my breath and continued with Body Pump class.

I was thinking to skipped the Squats track as my legs was a bit sore even during RPM tonight. But since it's K-Bear's class, so must give a bit of face to her. But I did reduced my weights tonight for the Squats. My gosh, Chest track was so damn tiring. I'd totally forgot how tough was the track. Biceps was a bit disappointing dear, Bring Me Back to Life didn't actually delivers. LOL!!! Finished the class and chat with LGM and K-Bear outside while the rest of the gang was doing Body Combat. I think it's more of gossiping though. Walked in during Track 5 and continued from there. Didn't know why but some of them walked off during Track 6, too tired? Was really giving it all since it's the last class and wanted to burned as much as possible from the 3 tracks (not including Track 9 & 10). A surprising 350kcal was burned during the few tracks. Not too bad. Didn't went for supper with the girls since my handphone's battery went off on me. Can't wait for tomorrow's dinner at Do Rae. Heard that it's a very good place and I can't wait to feast myself with all the beef. Yummy~!! Wait for my food blog updates.

PS: A staggering 2200kcal was burned tonight. And a total of 7385kcal was burned during the whole week. Time to treat myself with some good food this weekend.

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

is it healthy to have burned so much calories in one night?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

eh ... i think as long as I don't take any supplement or dieting to loose weight, exercise is the best way to loose it. no matter how much it is. as long as we have sufficient protein compensate back to our body.

eh .. my 2 cents la.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how much calories I had burned during my workout but I don't think it's as much as you did. Maybe will think of getting a watch like yours to monitor my workout.

Good info friend.

Keep up the good work.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Thanks for the compliment, you too keep up the good work. From the message above you are into gym also I see. Do I know you? hehe! Just wondering.

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