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Thursday, July 23

How Much Does Friendship Cost?

Friends. How do you measure friendship? The time you know each other? The things that you would do for each other? The things that you know about each other? Well different people has different kind of opinion on this. You can know someone for 10 over years and they can still be a stranger to you whereas someone can be best friend when only meet for a couple of weeks. Why am I asking this? Well I have this friend who I know since kindergarten if my memory did not disappoint me. We are not that close during school time but we get together after she came back and was looking for a job in Malaysia. We got to know the same bunch of friends and this group of friends had become (or so I always felt) very close.

So why am I blabbering right now if it's so good? It all started when both of my friends got married. Everything had started to changed but we didn't really realized it at that point. We thought that all of us are just busy with our work and life. Things started to get strange at some point where they don't really wanted to come out for a gathering but again we thought that they are just busy. But it was really pissing us all off when they don't even bother to answer our calls or replying our text messages. Is it that hard just to reply a sms? I know you have a baby and all. But who doesn't? Does that mean that all the people with babies would just stop down with their life? How long does it takes to reply a freaking sms? Or even pick up a call when we're calling? This is not one time or two but for many occasion and not just happened to me but our other friends from the group. They would only contact us (me) when they wanted to know something. Other than that, they are invisible at all time.

Was really pissed off when I found out that they didn't bother to reply my friend's message asking for a gathering cum dinner yesterday as our friend were passing out their wedding invitation. Oh man, how long could that be? If you're busy, call or just send a freaking sms to us. Totally pissed. Mental note, no wedding invitation for them in the future. Sigh!!!! They used to be the coolest couple and all but now, everything changes. I know we all have our own priority in life and that changes when we have a new member in the family but does that necessarily means that you can just throw all your friends (good ones) a side? So again, I would wanna ask, how do you weight your friendship.

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

friends, break your heart.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

friends can break your heart but they can also cheer you right up. It's just a matter of how you treat each other and do they really share you their heart.

Anonymous said...

they are such nuisance.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

but do remember that they who brings sadness bring you happiness too. if you don't experience lose, how will you cherish what you have. :)

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