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Tuesday, July 21

Welcome To Malaysia Again

Had a filling lunch today but not too much or too much fat in it. Cause I wanted to push myself again tonight for some extra classes. Well it's the same actually as my normal routine but just that I am doing RPM again tonight after Body Pump class. As I mentioned yesterday, I am going over The Curve tonight for some (superstar??) classes. First class was Body Pump by our own TL together with Frank (M'sia) and Andrew (Singapore). Someone was really upset tonight that it's not Andrew from Hong Kong. LOL!!! Damn the tracks selection by Frank is so old (well maybe cause of his age. haha!!!). Squat track was so tough though, I think there are at least 12 sets of 4 bottom halves with 3 each time. Never did this track before so a bit lost. While doing the cool down, realized that it's already 7.30 and quickly ran down to RPM studio.

Luckily Wanie and QQ registered for me. Well it's not a full class but still, thanks babe. So it was four us and I think another 8 more members in the class for the whole session. Andrew came down and did for a while. The class was conducted by Don (Thai) & Milin (India). They are still doing some new releases as India had just launch RPM not too long ago and the club is less than 2 years old (I heard). After the class we went up for my third class. Surprisingly it's not full also. Well look at the bright side, for a non existence class which is created at a last minute, it's considered good to have more than 20 members in it. There were Janis, Don, Kwan (Thai), Alvin & another women from India (which I forgot her name). Since India haven't officially launch Body Combat 40, so she's not really familiar with the track. We did some old tracks like Hardcore Paradise tonight. Sweet~!!!

PS: Total calories burned tonight is 1800kcal. Hmm ... not bad. And again, Body Combat burned the most calories. Weird~!

2 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

1800kcal = xiao long bao, dragon i.....

BaBy OcTopUs said...

sorry la, that is less than 1800kcal la. haha!

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