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Wednesday, July 22

Body Combat 41 Sizzler (Updated)

Sorry but no posters yet for the new release of Body Combat 41 for now. So be patient and I will upload it once I had it. The filming was actually done 2 months ago at Aussie but since LM had make it a serious issue to keep a tight lip on the release and all hence the update being done now. Anyway, you can starting to see there's a lot of news of the new release popping up in the web nowadays, so there's no point holding this back unless being told so by LM (but I am not an instructor). Since they're gonna film Body Combat 42 next month I don't think LM mind us giving some sneak preview of the Body Combat 41 for the time being.

So here goes. The theme for the new Body Combat 41 would be 'Backyard Brawl'. Both Dan and Rach were dress in casual Red Nike Top (with the word Backyard Brawl) and black knee level shorts. No pictures were allowed during the filming but you can probably find it in the web as I did. I don't have the complete track list yet for the release so bare with me here. Nick Skitz remix of Numa Numa starts the upper body warm up with Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You on the lower body. You can see the Jab, Cross and Bob Combo will be back on the upper body warm up whereas the back kick is back during this release as it had disappear during few releases back. There is some uncertainty on the second track if it's Operation Blade by Public Domain which is similar to Body Pump 71. Well the feel is the same and all. Just think We Will Survive from Body Combat 37. The combo starts with a Treble Elbow & Double Knee Combo.

As usual since Body Combat 37, the forth track started off with Enter Sandman by Metallica. It features the new move Double Handed Plyo Push. The song continues into second half with some new e-kick. It's not similar to the previous 'jump as high as you can' e-kick but just a small 'hop' while doing the e-kick. As for the song, it was confirmed to be P.O.D's Boom. Dan had decided to modified the e-kick as he feels that not everyone could jump that high while doing the kick. So it's just a little hop instead of a super high jump that we all did previously. Ballroom Blitz will be featured again for Track 5. It was last featured in Body Combat 6. The last recycle for Body Combat 6 was done on the last release for Tubthumping. I heard that the chorey was a no brainer for this one. Quite similar to Tutti Fruitti I guess. Just expect a lot of running in this track.

For Track 6 we have Robbie William's Let Me Entertain You. When I think about the song I will imagine Biceps track from Body Pump 41 but in this case more towards Tae Kwan Do. Tough like a nut. The track is some sort like Shut Up and Drive from Body Combat 34. So it means that it's a kick katta track. We did Side Kick, Knee and Back Kick but now it's another Knee. Well just to give you some rough ideas what to expect. Nothing much was said on the Muay Tai so I guess it isn't that spectacular. I heard that it's more towards a rock song then the usual Techno mix. Track 8 will be featuring Cascada's What Do You Want From Me. Yes, Cascada is back again to take down the house during the last Power track. It's a recycle track from Body Pump 68's Back Track. So expect a powerful climatic finale from this one (hopefully as powerful as What Hurt The Most from Body Combat 38).

We will all be doing lots of circular crunches or Circle Situp (as they called it) which I think something similar to Sound Of The Underground from Body Combat 24. The track would be similar to Body Pump's Chest track which is Flo Rider's feat. Kesha's Right Round. Last but not least we will all be cooling down with Beyonce's Halo. There is a new stretch called the Downward Dog which focuses more on the Hamstrings and the back for the legs. Will update this post again once there's any new update on the track list. Till then, Fight On.

01a.Dragostea Din Tei(DJ Ross Radio Mix) - O-Zone
01b.My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
02.Music Is Pumpin - Radical Rhythm
03.Slow & Steady Rush - Random Attack
04a.Enter Sandman - Spock
04b.Boom - P.O.D.
05.Ballroom Blitz - Dave & The Extras
06.Let Me Entertain You - Bodytronixx
07.Desolation Row - Krakaw Kreativ Kollektiv
08.What Do You Want From Me(Squad-E Remix) - Cascada
09.Right Round - Flo Rider Feat.Kesha
10.Halo - Beyonce

7 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

Wow... the songs seem quite nice this time.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup, it's more towards Pop, R&B musics so can sing along. Sound better right?

CP said...

Yes, Cascada is back. I already download the song..lolz..

btw, you macam very close with Glen hor...hehe

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup Cascada is back and the remix is damn climatic. But I doubt it will be more climatic than What Hurt The Most ... lol~ Finger cross!!

cp said...

the poster already up lah.....this time is water theme ! look great !

BaBy OcTopUs said...

ya I know. saw already but can't find in full size. the one they have is small and not suitable.

Anonymous said...

i saw those posters some where in Auckland when i was there few weeks back. nice theme.

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