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Saturday, August 15

Alien In The Attic

After a heavy dinner with babe, decided to catch a movie. Wanted to watch something light and comedy. So I had choose Aliens In The Attic. The story revolves around a family who went for a holiday at a rented country house. So during their first day of vacation, they had some uninvited guest from out of this world. 4 of them in this case. An angry commander, bad ass Sergent, high flying lady Sergent and a cute friendly tech support. The kids found out about their arrival when one of they were sent to the attic to fix the satellite disk.

These aliens had some gun like device which once shoot on a human could control each and every movement. But the alien and the kids found out that the gun would only work on adult, some glitches in the design. So the kids couldn't let their parents know about the alien as they worried that the alien would be able to control them. So what is the only alternative they had? Fend off the alien of their own. So a funny hilarious battle starts from the attic to the pool house to the living room and finally the finale at the back yard. This is definitely some no brainer movie with not much to think but just sit tight and enjoy the movie.

I think this kind of movies are good to watch during weekend when you wanted to just lay back after some hard work during the weekdays. Just go in the cinema with your drinks and pop corn and laugh your heads off. There is definitely some very funny scenes especially the fighting part between the kids nanny and the other guy both under control. My god, when the nanny did a Dragon Rising Thrust, trust me when I said everyone in the cinema was clapping and laughing their heads off. Don't expect any fancy special effects or complicated plot, just some light decent family day off kind of movie. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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