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Sunday, August 16

It's Good To Be Back

Woke up this morning and found out that there would be a power disruption from 10am to 6pm this afternoon. Since babe need to go Senawang this morning for work, I had decided to go to gym this morning. Arrived around 10am and saw Lilian and Renne on the stage. Another one and a half hour to Body Combat class, Oh What The Heck!! Went to the locker and get my gears ready and walked in during Track 2. It has been a year since my last Body Attack class. But I was determine and I think I did quite good too. Did some incredible tracks this morning. Finished the class and continued with some free weights before the next class.

Continued with Master T's Body Combat class and it was a full house. This is my first Sunday morning class since almost a year now. The crowd was so hype as I remembered them would be. Even during the first two tracks, the members are already in the mood and shouting away. Finally I saw the famous Brazilian guy in the class. Well, he's definitely creating some mood with his antics. I was already dripping in sweats during Track 2 and it was so cold this morning. Was really pushing myself hard again this morning as I skipped the class last Friday night. I think Sunday morning crowd is still the best among all the classes I attend. It's not the quantity alone that counts but the crowd's response to the instructor too. Thought of joining Lilian's RPM class but it was a bit too late for me. Maybe next week babe.

Personal Note: Friday: RPM: 775kcal; Sunday: BA: 490kcal; BC: 800kcal
Total Burned Calories for the week: 7,315kcal

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

may i ask where's BodyPUMP!!!!

Hiyawu said...

I think non of the instructor can fulfill his request !

Anonymous said...

He only does bodynpump when the man behind the pillar is teaching la ;)

btw, BA and BC was on Sunday mate! Typo ... :p

BaBy OcTopUs said...

fulfill whose request? kekeke!

Thanks for the tips. :)


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