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Sunday, August 30

Babe's Birthday Dinner @ Tamarind Springs

It was babe's birthday and I had decided to try out this restaurant called Tamarind Springs which most of my friends recommended. The place is very secluded from the city center, it's like going back to mother nature. But not to the extend to dine in the forest. We were greeted with a path way walking down to the main restaurant. There are two restaurant over here under the same roof. Ambiance was totally serene and peaceful. You can definitely feel the Zen'ess of the whole surrounding.

At the end of the path way, we are greeted by an authentic design restaurant with some water fountain at the side. Even before the place gets dark, we can imagine how great it would look by now. From this point, there is no more picture allowed. So sorry that I can't take any more pictures on their main hall. Surveyed around the place before being escorted to our table which is located at the back with a view of the pool side. I had mentioned to them earlier that I need a good seats as it was my babe's birthday. Good arrangement by them.

But who said I can't take from my table right? The place is lit up by candles and a lot of aroma incense was burn all around the place so you can feel the peacefulness and also the Zen'ess again during your dining. Truly superb. We decided to go with their buffet tonight as it was a combination of the 2 restaurant's menu. As most of my friends told me that their food was just alright and nothing to shout about, I though why pay so much for something which is just alright when I can pay almost the same amount and try out all of their food and I was right. Although it's buffet but their food was warm and it was really nice.

This is a view from my table down to the other restaurant called Il-Tempio, the Temple of Fine Italian Cuisine as they called it. There's a big hut which visitors can dine in with some other pool side tables. The whole place is lit up by candles so it's super romantic. Trust me, dining in a near forest place really are very cozy and there is no insect flying around during your fine dinning over here. Maybe the stick which they burn?

This is the view of the path back up after we had finished up our dinner. It does looks romantic but babe was a bit creepy right now as it was really quiet. Well, can't blame her as the place is very secluded and all. But it was a really good dinner to celebrate her birthday. Food was just alright but the ambiance was great. Definitely a good place for some quiet time with your love ones. No wonder they won the Best Restaurant by The Tattler for 5 years in a row. Fyi, they have another similar restaurant called Tamarind Hills which is located not far away from here. But I heard this is much better in term of ambiance and also food. Service was good and the night was just perfect.

2 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

It's fantastic! I love this place.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

ask 'someone' to bring you one day :)

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