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Monday, August 31

My Long Weekend

Last weekend seemed so long for me. As you all know I took MC last Friday due to running nose, sore throat and some serious sneezing action. After resting for one night, I felt much better on Saturday morning. Decided to stop taking the medicine the next day, as I don't wanna take so much medicine once I'm better. But I slept really late (and I do mean 3 - 4am morning late) these two days resulting in my throat infection coming back. But not some serious inflammation but just some minor ones which caused my voice to become a bit rough today.

So last weekends I celebrated my babe's pre-birthday and also her dad too. Had lots of foods especially oily ones and fried too. Definitely a big NO NO for someone who had sore throat, but you know me, never say NO to good food. Woke up early Monday morning after resting for only 5 hours to have breakfast with my ex-collegemate nearby my house. We had a long talk and it's been a while since some of us really sat down and have a catching up these days. We're gonna have another get together this Saturday with all our college-mates. Really looking forward to that day.

So what I do after the breakfast? I slept through the whole day. I think I slept for another 6 hours before waking up looking for food. Had a long weekend it's time to get back to work tomorrow. I need to work, as I think I am getting slow when I am not working. Too much rest and no work isn't too good. Cause no work means no gym and no gym means more food. And we all know what that leads to.

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