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Thursday, August 27

Can I Cut My Nose??!!!

Arrrrcheeewww~~~~!!!! That is what I was doing the whole farking day!!! Sneezing for those who didn't get what that was!!! My running nose is back to haunt me during this critical time together with his buddy Mr. Sneeze. I had totally forgotten how many times had I walked into the office's toilet to clear my nose. Time sure past by super slow this morning although we had our normal meeting. I am so suffering this morning from the flu and sneezing. I am like a freaking walking blower. I think I catch a cold during my rendezvous at Kelana Jaya for the breaking fast dinner. It was raining and it was cold. I think I didn't just brought back the food but also some cold together. Canceled off lunch with the girls as I don't wanna spread the virust to them.

Thought of visiting the doctor today but I thought it would pass after I finish gym tonight but my running nose is still running and I am still sneezing like mad as I am writing now. So how was gym tonight? Arrived early as usual and did my 40minutes warm up again before Cindy's Body Pump class. Damn I am doing much better tonight compared to last Tuesday night class. Finished up and get a bike for QQ's RPM class. Had to work extra hard as I am not gonna join the next class. Running nose is super uncomfortable. But I am alright during pump class but it's back during RPM. Stupid nose!! Didn't had supper as I don't wanna exposed others and my running nose is really irritating too. Might considered MC tomorrow if it's still the same. Sigh!

Personal Note: SS: 459kcal; BP: 400kcal; RPM: 619kcal

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

running nose then wear mask la, later all ff club need to close down bcoz of it....lolz

Anonymous said...

Well, i'm going to tell you that you should rest according to how you feel.

If you are feeling not well, don’t work out. A lot of us feel guilty if we away from our routine, but in the long run, we are just prolonging the illness.

I think you should try going to bed an hour earlier if possible. Cut out watching movie or drama or something else non essential, and get an extra hour or so of sleep.

Drink more water and rest more.

Take care!


BaBy OcTopUs said...

But I feel much better after I sweat it out in the gym. Understand what you're trying to say dear.

Same to you too, less online and more rest. Fyi, you offline later than me each night. lolx.


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