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Wednesday, August 26

No Gym, Buka Puasa Time

Found out that LC is not teaching so I had decided not to join any class tonight. So after work I quickly got home and rest while waiting for dinner time. Look at the time and it's close to 6pm and I quickly rush to the nearest night market, Kelana Jaya to buy some dinner home. Half way there, I found that the sky is getting dark and rain drops are starting to fall on my windscreen. When I reached the night market (which is 5 minutes away from my house), the rain had already started but I wasn't deterred and got a hold of my umbrella and got down my car. Surprisingly the rain stop. Trust me, it really stop, like HE wanted me to get something from the market.

So I walked half way down the whole stretch of stalls to survey the variety of food which are available. I am always curious of the new food which arise during this festive season. This time around I saw this stall selling Roti John, but not the normal type which we eat. I had ordered their Singapore Roti John Special Mix. Which comprises of both beef and chicken cooked together with the egg and later stick to the bread. Plenty of mayonnaise and also cabbages. Second, I had bought a Beef Murtabak as this is one of the dish which I bought every year. Always look for a stall which are selling those murtabak on the spot and not those pre-prepared as it's cold and tasteless. You might need to wait but it's worth the wait. Last but not least, I had bought Chicken Kebab with extra onions and mayonnaise.

Got everything home but not without a packet of Longan ice water. Sorry there are no pictures on any of the food as it doesn't really look nice after I unwrapped it. Trust me it's super delicious when they wrap it that time. I was actually full when I finish the Roti John. But at the end I finishes off most of the food and the drink. This is my first buka puasa dinner of the year. Hopefully not many as I think I gain a lot of calories just by this dinner alone. lolx!

3 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

someone: eh eh eh.... What's the thing called where u put chicken and beef inside as filling ahh??
trusted: errmmm...Kebab??
someone: no no... not that one...
trusted: mmmm... Murtabak?
someone: AHHHHHH Yeah Yeah.... Murtabak.....

Two Dinners, PLEASE.DO.NOT.FORGET.....;p ;p

Anonymous said...

pal...If u are referring to the same night market as I think it is (behind the KJ LRT station), that area is not called Kelana Jaya, it's called People's Park, SS 4C

BaBy OcTopUs said...

anon: thanks for the reminding me of the food's name. this is what happened when you only eat the dish once a year. totally forgot what's the name. lolx.

fyi, it's not the night market behind the KJ LRT station. That is more of a Chinese night market. The one I am referring to, it opposite the old Giant supermarket. It's behind/next to Kompleks Perumahan Polis KJ.

well to be exact, it's Jalan SS6/1. I just goggle up the map. lolx

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