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Sunday, August 9

Crocs Anyone?

We were talking bout some sales going on at PJ for Crocs. I heard that some one was getting like RM45 or so for a pair. I was like, why pay RM45 when you can get it for less. LESS?? Ya, like RM30 a pair LESS. As you can see from the pictures I took, this fella are selling a pair of these Crocs for a starting price of RM38 (but you can you can talk your way to getting a pair off for only RM30). Fake? NO, don't look like fake to me. They have all the design, plastic bags, certs down to the every details. I can't find any flaw in them. And NO, they are not Asadi or the other previous design with no brand. These are genuine Crocs. I guess they some how got it from the factory directly (illegally??). Anyway, fyi, I don't see this anywhere else but the night market at my place.

As you can see they're not only selling those conventional type Crocs but some newer design.

See the plastic bags? Yeah, Crocs original bags. You can now walk into any Crocs outlet and just get those cute little picture figure and place them into your new shoe.

People were practically gathering all around this stall trying and searching for the design that they like. They have some new design for kids and ladies. Not much design for guys though. Did I get a pair? Nope, not that interested as there is nothing much special bout the shoe (for me anyway). A bit hot on the foot and sand can easily get trapped in the shoe too. Well talking from experience anyway. Not sure how long their stock will last or any new design be coming in but worth a look if you're looking for a pair. All of this, at your local night market at Taman Megah.

4 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

RM45 coz lazy to Q up, so people offer it, then just let them earn a bit lah.....hahaha

BaBy OcTopUs said...

but for Crocs shoe must try it yourself as it's not normal size and the sizes varies when the design is different too. You have to buy one size bigger than normal shoe. Well that is just the thumb of rule anyway. But still need to try to wear it to feel it before buying.

Aleximon said...

yup, i had try at Ori crocs shop, so just give the model and size, let them find for me lor

BaBy OcTopUs said...

then it's OK :) but the shoe really over price one la and very stuffy .. kakaka!

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