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Sunday, August 9

G.I Joe - Rise Of The Cobra

So many cartoon from my era had been Transformed (pun intended) into life action movies nowadays. Transformer just passed just one months ago and now it's G.I Joe. I am not sure if everyone remembered this one but I know I do. It's the same time as Transformers, Mask, Silverhawk and Thundercats to name a few. Wow! I am that old. LOL!!! Well anyway, tonight I was invited for a movie with some friends for that particular mentioned movie, G.I Joe. So what is the movie about. (Spoilers)

G.I Joe is a top secret task force formed by 10 nation with the best of the best soldiers and expertise from around the world. What is impossible to achieve, well they can make it possible to make it simple. The story line was alright with some back ground stories of some of the characters in the movies such as Duke with Baroness, Snake Eye with Storm Shadow and Rex who eventually becomes Commander Cobra. The stories focused on how a company called M.A.R.S created this nano bugs which can destroy everything in it's path. The company owned by this Scottish villain name McCullen (who eventually becomes Destro). And how The Joes saves the world at the end (as always) and how the whole process changes Rex and McCullen into Commander Cobra and Destro, hence the title Rise of The Cobra.

What do I think of the movie? Well for starter, Snake Eye is so cool. He's one closest of the real person to the cartoon itself. Action is everywhere from start till end. Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller are hot with the latter exposing some unnecessary cleavage even while they are at North Pole??? The accelerator suit is unnecessary and very bulky and the whole scene look a bit too cartoon'ish for me. Marlon Wayans character is the funny guy in the movie which is a good thing. Byun-hun Lee taking off his shirt makes a lot of women drools. LOL!! Definitely gonna be a Part 2 for this movie. It's nice watching this with some die hard fans or at least knows bout the story and the characters so at least we can talk about it after the show at some mamak stall. Well worth my RM10 and 2 hour well spent. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

FYI: G.I JOE stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

4 Octopus:

Korean food lover said...

just finish it, awesome movie.

korean actor so great !

BaBy OcTopUs said...

YaY! Korean actor show naked upper half. One of the highlight of the show for women. LOLx

Korean food lover said...

haha....agree. but sad, he dead in the movie.

some of the scene in the movie look very fake

BaBy OcTopUs said...

no worries, he'll be back on the next episode as him and Snake Eye are destine to be enemy forever.

like i mentioned, the chase to Eiffel Tower was so damn animated. lolx

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