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Wednesday, August 26

Latest Addiction - Ranch Rush

As you all know, I had jailbreak my iPhone and by now I had download tons of application (well mostly games). But there is one which catch my attention. It's calld Ranch Rush. For those who is familiar with Dinner Dash or Wedding Dash from Yahoo! Games on PC, the game play is around the same.

As you can see, it's not just about planting and harvesting crops but farm animals as well.

Here are some of the trophies which can be earned from the game.

The objectives of the game is simple. The top boxes shows the amount of crops or anything ranging from cheese, wool and fruit jam to name a few. So we need to achieve the quantity stated in the time given. Some crops need more time to be planted so you need to plan your harvesting accordingly. There are also pest destroying your crops and machine breaking down which need your attention while you're busy planting and harvesting. So it's not just about how to solve a puzzle but how 'fast' you can solve it. Damn it's so addictive. All of this I got for free. lolx!!

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