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Wednesday, September 9

1 More Year

Received another letter from the developer on the progress of my house. It's the certificate of stage completion by the developer. According to the certificate, my house is now 55% completed. Wow! That is more than half completed. They had just billed the bank for the completion of the roofing/ceiling, electrical wiring, plumbing and internal telephone trunking and cabling. Can't wait to go over this weekend to check my house at site. It's been a month since I was last there. Definitely need to update my house's progressive picture. The next billing would be for the internal and external plastering of my house.

Nowadays, I am a bit contemplating as I wanted my house to be ready as soon as possible so that I can move in. In the other hand, I wish that I have more time before it's ready so that I have the sufficient time to save some (a lot) of money or the renovation and also filling the house with appliances and furniture. Babe and me had been surveying around town for furniture and appliances these pass week. Had discussion with friends on the cost of renovation and furniture, and the estimated budget startled me. OK, need to snap myself back to reality when I heard that. Now I got one more year to save more money before my house is ready. GanBaTeh!!!

Mental Note: RPM Challenge: 631kcal; RPM: 486kcal

3 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

Gambateh! You can do that..

Anonymous said...

I am sure you can achieve your goal before the one year time.

And remember to buy me dinner along the way.

Gambateh to you~


BaBy OcTopUs said...

LP: Yeah ... gambateh ... chiooong ar .... !!!

YC: Praying hard and working harder for it to come true :) no problem babe, dinner, breakfast and lunch anytime when you're here. lolx

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