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Thursday, September 10


I think most of you heard of the song, He aint's heavy, he's my brother but what if it's not your brother but rather your notebook that you're carrying the whole day up and down. My current company gave me a notebook to use and we are supposed to carry it wherever we go so that we can check our mails and do the proposal for our customers anytime when we're not in the office. Problem is, it's DAMN HEAVY!!! Imagine carrying 2.5kgs of steel the whole freaking day. Those whose into sales like me would understand the suffering that I am going through.

But nowadays, some company had opted to purchase those small notebook (net-book) which is around 1.2kgs. That is 1kg less. I even changed my notebook carrying bag to those backpack type to lessen the burden on my shoulder but it's still bulky. Weight is not the only issue as I need to carry it all the time as you all know it's common that you heard someone notebook got stolen when they left in their car. Headache~! So I got no choice but to carry it all the time even to gym.

But lately I found out that I can left it in my office inside my drawer (locking it of course). I don't really need to carry my notebook all the time as I can check all my mails (including office and personal) using my phone. As for the proposal I can do it the next day. And it is safer and also more convenient for me. When you don't have one, you wish to have it, but when you have it , you will regret having one. LOL!!

Personal Note: BP: 314kcal; RPM: 537kcal

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