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Tuesday, September 1

Back In Shape

My first class after a long weekend. Supposed to take it easy but heck, I need the extra work out for the extra food I had last weekend. Since someone was in the studio and I wasn't able to use it for my warm up I just took my time sipping on my coffee before Brian's class. I noticed that I burned more when I stop my work out for a few days. This proves my theory. Or maybe I am just hyper tonight?! Found out that Sue P. wasn't teaching tonight and was being replaced by this Gino guy. Sigh~! So I skipped the class and went down to chat with the other RPM kakis. Signed up for RPM tonight as Master T is still over sea and not teaching tonight.

RPM class was really tough tonight, well partly cause I am pushing myself extra hard tonight. We did Summer Rain and I know I can really do lot of damage with this track. Painkiller and Blade was the other power track and I practically climb the whole mountain without much rest. At the end of the class, I was soaked in my own sweat and the floor had a big puddle of my sweat. Damn fulfilling. Since I didn't do the Body Pump class, I had burned extra more for RPM to compensate back for the class. Right on.

Personal Note: BS: 600kcal; RPM: 726kcal

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