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Thursday, September 3

Do You Think You're Safe?

I was sipping my coffee at my place when my manager walked over and told us a startling news. His notebook had just been stolen. I know it's not the first time you heard about this kind of incident but let me share his experience here with all of you. My manager was sitting with his other customers at Coffee Bean, MV discussing some project. There were 6 of them (3 sitting facing each other) and my manger was seated at the furthest of one end. Anyway, those seated at the end would need to stand up and lean forward to the middle to talk or discuss on some issue and at the end of the discussion when they are about to leave, he realized that his bag was missing. The bag was placed next to his seat. The guy just walk over and grab the bag and walk off. I think this is not the first time he did this kind of stunt. No one saw anything and it happened so fast.

Let me clarify that they were not seating outdoor but indoor instead. They are seated near to the CitiTel entrance if you know the place well. So it's not that easy for people to just walk pass you and grab it. But this did happened to my manager. There were no CCTV in the shop but luckily one of the consultant know the boss of MV and called for his assistance. They are not reviewing the tapes from the CCTV outside. Then my other colleague mentioned that his ex-boss too got his notebook stolen from MV. It's a very famous hunting ground for thief. According to him, there are these certain group of middle east people who prey around the area looking for their victim. So for all of you out there, please do be careful of your bags and property when you're sipping your coffee. Cause you never know when you will be the next victim.

Personal Note: SS: 428kcal; BP: 439kcal; RPM: 602kcal

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

i also heard this kind of news b4, happen at old town kopitiam. people just run inside then grap someone's notebook and run.....

BaBy OcTopUs said...

nowadays not safe at all. another case my friend and his wife go KFC and the husband go buy the food. Then a guy walk over talk to the wife and another lady just grab the notebook also. the wife also don't see anything.

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