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Saturday, September 5

Easy or Hard???

So after all the classes, decided to have a chat with K-Bear and we're talking on this Bird Pose thingy and was trying to show her how we do it. And suddenly this lady, B came over and kepoh with us. And when she was telling K-Bear that the one we're doing is the HARD version with the thigh supporting on the shoulder and the one I did with the elbow underneath the arm pit was the EASY option, I was like HUH??!!!! I looked at FP and he was too dumbfounded. WTH is she saying. She kept telling K-Bear to turn and spread his hands and all and doing her so-called EASY option of the bird pose. WTF??!!! Does she really know what is she saying??? Sigh~ Damn frustrated. FP and me was so damn annoyed and frustrated. And FYI, she didn't even did an actual bird pose the WHOLE FREAKING NIGHT!!! I rest my case.

So I'll let you decide which is which from the picture below:-

This is what I did.

This is what she did (opss, sorry she didn't actually DO it, but she SHOW it with the legs on the floor).

Anyway, my advice to you dear, please don't be afraid to fall as you will then learn from there. You will know what is the balance point when you fall (a couple of time). You will never learn how to ride a bicycle if you don't learn how to fall first (literally).

Personal Note: SS: 416kcal; RPM: 625kcal; BS: 671kcal; BP: 643kcal Total Calories Burned for the week: 6,398kcal

6 Octopus:

Swee said...

LOL... Thanks for the tips!

Dont worry about B la. I know her, she was just trying to help too. Perhaps she got confused on all the yoga poses and the BB variation. She just gone through the flow yoga training, so she should know what she was talking about.. Maybe, she was referring to other variation in yoga.

Cheers, thanks mate!

But.... Falling is painful! :P

FP said...

lol! That lady betul betul Dun know which one is easy option and which one is hard option? Swee, she teach that pose is the hard pose, no wonder you never get success to the bird pose.
To that B lady, Please, next time dun know anything "Please Dun show off loh....".
Like Swee said "She just gone through the flow yoga training" then she better go more training. if not later become instructor and give the wrong instruction to the member.

Swee said...

Boys... Be nice, okay.. ;)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

No worries babe, just wanna vent out my thoughts~! N I think FP shared the same as to me. Really Beh Tahan la. .. lolx

As long as he don't walk over to FP and tell him how to do a bird pose next time in class, I think FP would play nice. :)

Anonymous said...

ok Swee...I do haf to admit u were really nice to entertain that B lady(seeing that most members avoid her like avoiding a plague), wut I gather is sometimes falling is good if lesson is learnt ;p ;p

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya la, you should know that 'falling' is part of the learning cycle, right?? :Þ

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