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Monday, September 7

Final Destination 4

I had always been a fan of this quad-trilogy supernatural/horror/thriller movie. I was fascinated from the very first Final Destination franchise. The idea of Death's master plan for every one of us and what IF one of us can see the plan from the clues being shown to him/her before it happen. What IF? All started from the first chapter when a college student ruined Death's plan and saving some of the passengers in the plan. Although all of them died at the end of the story but in the process of not being dead in the plane, it altered some part of others life and that is where the second chapter kicks in and so is the third.

Now we are being introduced yet again into a group of people saved from a freak accident which happened during a race car crash. 4 friends and some others life were spared from death when they walked off the stadium. But Death wouldn't rest until he gets all his soul intended. So Death planed for all of them one by one and it's up to the lead actor, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) to see the clues in his head and trying to intervene with it. They figure that if they could break Death's plan, they could save themselves in return. But I guess for those who saw the previous trilogy would know it's totally NOT TRUE.

Not gonna ruin the ending for you all so just go and watch. How's the movie? For me it's alright for a Sunday night movie with friends. As the poster written, Death Saved The Best for 3D, so do try to go for a 3D experience if you have the chance, I heard it's quite interesting. Most of the time, you couldn't guess how the person will die but you know they will die in some freak accident, and I think that is the interesting part of the movie. There are some suspense part of the movie, so make sure you sit through the whole movie. It's not too long, less than an hour and a half. Babe was gripping my hand most of the time while I was laughing all the way when I saw how all of the die. Sick, I know but heck, we all learn to enjoy seeing other people's misfortune and in this case, dead. Enjoy~! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

4 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

Interesting! I'm a big fan of Final Destination, and i must catch this on the coming weekend. :D

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I know you like this kind of blood spilling and head smashing movies la babe. Good cheap thrills. But some part a bit too fake. hehe!!

Aleximon said...

not my cup of coffee......scary !!!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

There is one scene where the guy got drag by his own car and set on fire. Damn funny. It's horrifying but heck it's funny. lolx!!!

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