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Tuesday, September 22


As if one movie is not enough, we decided to watch another movie after the first. This time, the movie is call Gamer. The tagline, Who's Playing You? The story tells about a near future where we can control an environment of people like we're doing/playing now i.e Sims but get this, what if those people are real life people. Yes, it's called Society. Where you can pay and take control of people's mind and body and dress them up as you like. They will interact in a close society with the other gamer's character to interact with each other. You can practically do what ever what you like in there, you just have to think and it's done. Yes, you can even do some nasty kinky stuff that you can't do in reality.

But the creator got creative and evolve the Society into another gaming sensation called Slayers. Imagine Counter-Strike but in real life. Where you can control the people inside and they will show the battle or combat in a pay-per view around the globe. The people in the game are life sentence convicts with no chance of parole. So if they can stay alive for 30 rounds, and they will be set free. A guy name Kable, is the only guy who made is so far. He is just 3 round away from freedom. But the creator had other ideas for him, as in dead. As Kable holds some information about the creator which could take him down. So watch how Kable get himself free with some help of a society called Humanz who is against the whole society thingy.

The action was great but you tends to get a bit head ache with the fast pace, sudden camera shifting around you during combat. So better sit far away from the screen if you don't wanna get a migraine during the movie. The whole people controlling other people are very realistic to me. I mean it's possible in term of idea but not the technology. Lots of censored part in the movie so gonna download the blu-ray version when it's available. If you're a action freak, this is your movie. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Trivia: Kable is one of the character in Marvel comics together with Mutant-X.

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