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Friday, September 11

I Survived Body Step 77 @ Consplant

It was Friday night and as usual I am attending my first RPM class of the night. But not before doing my usual warming up before the class. Although I am doing it alone tonight as someone FFK me last minute. But I had a good work out. Continued with the second class of Body Step 77. It's a sneak preview of the new release. Class was headed by Roland and Eric T, which I never saw and tried their classes before. So how was the new release? There are a lot of new moves which is good but still a bit confusing to me at some point. Music selections are alright. The warm up was nice and fun to do. Specially like Track 8 which is the fun track featuring Just Dance music selection by Dutch Swing. Am getting hold of the whole leg crossing and hand swinging part though. At least there's something new for me to look forward to on the new release.

Continued with K-Bear's Body Pump after the step class. Boy, my legs are so tired at this point. And babe, your Voodoo Child for squats didn't help much. LOL!! But I didn't go all the way that night for some part of the track. Chest and Back track was similar to Cindy's class last night too. lolx!! What Hurts The Most seemed easier the more I do it. It was supposed to be one of the tiring Back track for me initially. Finished the class and decided to skipped the combat class as we wanted to have supper. K-Bear finally managed to get her bird pose right. How? Youtube. Yes, you heard me right. When they say you can learn and find practically anything in Youtube, they are not kidding. Congrats babe : )

Personal Note: SS: 476kcal; RPM: 579kcal; BS: 822kcal; BP: 657kcal
Total Calories Burned for the week: 6,252kcal

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