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Wednesday, September 23

iTunes 9.0 (Updates)

iTunes 9.0.1
I think it was just a week or so when Apple released iTunes 9.0 and now they have an update of 9.0.1 which supposedly fixes a couple of 'bugs' in the previous version. So what's the issue with the previous updates you ask?
  • it resolves the issue of browsing the iTunes store (which I had no problem with);
  • it resolves the performance issue of iTunes being not responsive (which I had not encountered);
  • it resolves the issue of iTunes quits unexpectedly (never happened);
  • it resolves the Podcast playlist syncing between iPod & iPhones users (which I don't use);
  • it resolves sorting albums from several discs (which I don't really understand);
  • improves the syncing apps for iPod Touch & iPhone (it's alright with me) and
  • automatic updates Genius for Genius Mixes (which I don't uses)
You can download the latest update at the Apple's Website and try it out yourself if you had already update to iTunes 9.0 and encountered the above issue.

iTunes 9.0
What's new? Do I need to upgrade? Will it effect my iPhone or iPod if it's been jailbreak from a previous version? Geniuses from Apple will tell you that they had added in a lot of new features to their new iTunes 9.0 and bla bla bla. But let me cut it down for you.
  1. iTunes LP - which you can download selected album online and have the complete album art, animated lyrics, liner notes and so on. So if you don't buy music online, this is useless.
  2. Home Sharing - which makes sharing your music, movies and applications up to five authorized computers in your house. So you can import what you like to any computers around your house.
  3. A new face-lift to iTunes 9.0 - which they redesigned the navigation and this makes exploring for music, movies and applications online more better and convenient.
  4. iTunes Extra - this is some sort of an add on to the existing feature they have when you download a movie. You can know enjoy the trailers, photos and interview in your PC.
  5. Genius Mixes - this is something like an enhanced Genius function from the previous iTunes. The new Genius will automatically mix and create mixes from your library.
  6. Improved Syncing - able to arrange your apps from your iTunes library. This is some add-on which I don't think is that important.
There are also some other minor enhancement from the previous iTunes. So basically it's something that you can upgrade but will it improve or make your life more simpler? I don't think so. Can I live without it? Why not?! And lastly, NO it won't effect your jailbreak iPhone or iPod as it's only the player and not your phone. Enjoy~

Personal Note: BS: 518kcal; BP: 638kcal; RPM: 621kcal

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Aleximon said...

thanks for sharing :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

ya no problem. if i got time i will even write about the new iPod Touch 3rd Gen and iPod Nano :)

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