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Wednesday, September 23

Food Fight!!!

I was driving this morning when I heard an interesting topic. Where does Hainanese Chicken Rice origin from? We all know that it's created by Hainanese but whether it's from Singapore or Malaysia? It's all started when Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, our Tourism Minister decided to claim several dishes namely Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chili Crabs are originated from Malaysia. I fully understand what's her intention and it's all for the good of our country. So for those who are still sitting around scratching their heads on this issue, let me enlighten your morning.

The reason behind her claim on these dishes are to let people (tourists) all around the world know that these dishes are from Malaysia. As we all know, these mentioned dishes can be found nearly every country now especially neighboring countries like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Some other countries just brush off the claim as a 'promotional exercise' but there are some strong response from the Netizens (Singaporean for those who didn't get it). They (Singaporean) of course claimed that Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Crabs are from their country. From Singaporean point of view, these two particular dishes are originated from their country as they are the first which promoted them and we some how copied it along the way. But I heard from a caller this morning (OneFM Morning Kaki) who said that the dish came from China (obviously) and during that time, Singapore was still under Malaya and when they go Independent, the cook was in Singapore and that is how it was said to be originated from there. But how do you decide on this then?

I had Google both Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Crab and both said that it's originated from Singapore. So do we need to alter that? Do we need to bring this issue back to Hague (International Courtof Justice) again? Heard a funny comment from one of the Netizens that said that Malaysian will one day claimed that Steamed White Rice are from Malaysia. lolx!!! So what do you readers think??! What do I think? Nasi Lemak & BKT confirm from Malaysia larr! Laksa? Should be kua, not so into them. Don't really care where it's from but as long as it's being promoted to all around the world as sharing is caring !!

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