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Wednesday, October 14

100 Plus & Coffee Don't Mix!!!

I had learn something valuable yet again in gym last night. So let's see what I did. Arrived early so went to the juice bar to get myself some drink. Usual drink would be Nescafe but since I am early, I had choose 100 Plus. Just before the class start, drank another cup of hot coffee. First class was Brian's BS class. Boy I am so good at the new BS now. The fun track, Just Dance, damn Syiok to do! Got the full chorey memorized to the spot. Exploded during the last power track as my HRM shows 102%. Cool!!!

Continued with Sue's BP class after that. Decided to increased my weight for Chest to 11kgs. Forgot that there's 4 sets of combo before heading to push ups. Struggling at the end of the 4th combo bottom halves. Sigh! Did I mentioned that Biceps is so farking tough to do. After Lunges, my heart beat was beating so fast. HRM showing 95%. Slowly realized that the new release of BP is more of a cardio class rather than resistance now. At this point, felt a bit of uncomfortable on my chest as the air/gas was trapped and trying to get out. Finishes the class and felt really uncomfortable. Decided to skip Master T's BC at that point as I can't really imagine myself shuffle and jump that much with this gas pushing up my chest and all.

So what is the morale of the story? Don't drink any carbonated drinks before class. Mind you, it's a small cup that I had consumed and not that much. And definitely no mixing of carbonated drinks and coffee. A friend told me that it's not even good to consumed any cold drinks before, during and after the class. As it will damage the kidney. Lesson learn!!!

4 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

BP71, bicep ok lah, can accept !

BaBy OcTopUs said...

bicep want to DIE la ... other then that, all also OK. hehehe!

Aleximon said...

bicep ok, lunges kill me

Anonymous said...

Lunges do easy la. I can do 6kgs on the bench with the knee lift too at the end. Haha.


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