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Thursday, October 15

It's Already 65%

I received a letter from my developer last week or so informing me that my house progress had reached 65%. Which means that, the interior and exterior plastering had been done. For those who is not familiar, when I say 65% completed, it doesn't mean that there's another 35% more to be completed. Well physically the house itself is ready. The next 15% would be for the exterior work on the sewerage, electrical points and ground works outside. Once it's done, it will be the date where I receive my Vacant Possession (VP). And after that, checking of the house with the developers on defects and final settlement will be done by the bank to the developer. I will require to start paying the installment once I receive the VP. Seemed that they are speeding the pace up this few months. But I'd just realized that it doesn't matter if my house is ready, as I need to wait for the whole phase to be ready to get my VP. As they will come out with the CCC (which is replacing the Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy) to the whole phase one shot rather then one street at a time. So I still need to wait till end of the year maybe for the handover although my house is completed at the mid of the year. Sigh~~!!

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

cant wait for your open house......lolz

Anonymous said...

Need to wait next year for that la. Hehe can't wait myself too. Hehe. .


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