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Thursday, October 1

Did You Felt It?

I was at gym when it happened. Once I got home some guy at the building told me that there was a commotion around 6pm or so. They whole building felt a tremor and rushed down to the car park. I am in the gym as usual during that time period. So I didn't felt anything. Cause most of the time, we be all jumping and moving, in my case, cycling. I heard that it (tremor) was quite strong this time as there were a lot of location being affected. I heard the tremor being felt from Sri Petaling right to the city center in Ampang. Was it that strong? Anyone felt the shock yesterday?

Personal Note: BP: 430kcal; RPM: 610kcal

5 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

MD said , maybe you all too fat, fat = stable....so no feel it lor

Anonymous said...

hahaha! funny.....we're all moving around la. that is why no feeling and not in a high rise also .. :P


Little Princess said...

Serious? I didn't feel it at all.

Aleximon said...

LP, concern abt your weight too, long time no gym liao

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Aiya~ She don't do work out also won't gained that much weights also ... :P

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