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Wednesday, September 30

Life Is So Boring Without Broadband

I still can't accessed the internet at home to date. Reason was I am still contemplating whether to get a wireless USB drive or pull a long network cable from my room to the other. Why do I wanna pull such a long cable (close to 8metres maybe) you may ask? This is because the signal traveling by using physical means (i.e network cable) are more stable and reliable (secure). If you are thinking about just surfing the net or reading mails, well you can use the wireless USB anytime. But I need the broadband each day to download movies. So if the strength of signal is not constant, it will effect the speed. For some special reason, I can't do much knocking and cutting in the house for the time being, so pulling a 8 meters long cable around the house is quite frustrating if you kept tripping on them on the floor. Oh, what to do? And Heroes Season 4, Supernatural Season 5 and Gossip Season 3 had just started. Arggh!!! The agony!!!

Personal Note: RPM: 637kcal

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

I always feel it during office hour....

Anonymous said...

cause Klang near to the sea so that is why can felt it ... sound dangerous nowadays ler ... world not that safe anymore .. lolx


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