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Saturday, October 24

I See Red

If you're following my blog, you would have know that my cat Coco had safely return home last week. We are all glad and all but babe found out that he had been pissing a lot and there are some trace of blood in them. I was really startled when I heard that from babe. So we decided to send him to the vet. According to the vet, it was due to the pet food which he had been eating. According to the vet, most of the pet food from hypermarket will cause this kind of problem to our pet. I had heard bout this on dogs but it was first for cats for me. So Coco was given an injection and we had decided to change his cat food from now on to see how it goes. For one, he didn't litter that much and no blood trace in it anymore. We had also decided to continue buying him fresh fish and feeding him again with that. Hopefully it will all be fine next week when I come back.

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