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Thursday, October 22

Warranty Claim

Finally I had decided to make a trip to the Maxis Centre at Pyramid to claim warranty for my iPhone's headset. The problem arise few weeks back when the volume control couldn't function properly. But I still bare with it as there were still sound coming out. But I draw the line when the RIGHT side of the headphone stopped functioning. So I brought it back to the center and was waiting for my turn. A young chap attended to me and I was told that all iPhone's accessories (i.e charger & headphone) only has 3 months warranty. While the phone itself has 1 year warranty. I was really lucky as my warranty ends at the end of this month. *wipe sweat off forehead* Was told that they need at least 2 working weeks before they can return a new unit to me. WTH??! So long just for a freaking headset? I thought that he gonna get a new one for me when he walk back to the store room inside.

I need an original headset as the sound quality from other headset if plugged into the phone will not give the result of the original one. Trust me, I'd tried. So I asked bout the battery claiming issue, and he told me that I will need to top up RM300 if it's over the warranty period (1 year). Which is so farking CHEAP!!! My brother told me that is impossible when I informed him bout this. He told me that an iPhone 3G already cost more than that needless to say for 3G S. And saw a guy/customer making a 'scene' as he complaint that his iPhone battery life span is now what he expected. Dude, please read the reviews before you get the phone, it's not your ordinary phone where it has 7 days standby. Duh!!!

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

I hardly use the iphone headset, infact, I NEVER use it since i bought. Want me to lend you mine or not? I need to visit the Maxis Centre as well.....phone is screwing me up

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Thanks. Cause I'll be using it when I am driving. Don't you need to use it when you're driving?

What's the problem with you phone?

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